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Scientific editor

Dimitris Philippides

architect, professor emeritus at the National Technical University of Athens

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    184 pages

    320 color illustrations

    hardback, 29x24,5 cm

  • Description

    This fascinating volume offers an original contribution to the study of Aegean architecture in the Greek Islands through the ages, from prehistory to the present. It brings together eleven original essays by noted scholars, and is richly illustrated with 320 original photographs. The four introductory chapters provide a comprehensive approach to the history of the Aegean as a single entity.

    The other chapters, examining one group of islands each (North Aegean & Sporades, East Aegean, Argosa-ronic Islands, Cyclades, Dodecanese, and Crete) offer the reader a fresh perspective by assigning equal significance to each historical period. Aiming to document the architecture as a whole of these regions, the book incorporates, as an essential element, outstanding examples from the work of modern-day architects.

  • Contents

    Historical Review by Charalambos Bouras
    Evolution of the Orders by Manolis Korres
    Decoration of the Houses by Angelos Delivorias
    The Aegean is Modern by Panayotis Tournikiotis
    North Aegean & Sporades by Yannis Kizis
    East Aegean,Lesbos, Samos, Chios by Efi Saradakou

    East Aegean - Industrial Heritage by Nikos Sifounakis
    Argosaronic Islands by Dimitris Fatouros
    Cyclades by Dimitris Philippides
    Dodecanese by Dimitris Philippides
    Crete by Nikos Skoutelis

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