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GREEK DESIGN & DECORATION  Three Centuries of Architectural Style

GREEK DESIGN & DECORATION Three Centuries of Architectural Style

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Dimitris Philippides

Architect, professor emeritus, School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens

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  • Details

    286 pages

    445 color and 13 b/w photographs, 10 drawings


    28x24.5 cm

  • Description

    This book is about the design and decoration used in architecture in Greece. Its particular architectural milieu comprises the richly decorated Greek traditional mansions built before mid-18th and early 19th century as well as the equally opulent neoclassical mansions that followed, once Greece became a free state in 1827. Also included are the forms of decoration used in rural areas and in working-class neighbourhoods over the above periods.

    The book is divided in three equal parts. The first, and rather more abstract, deals with the theoretical issues inherent in a study of the decorative arts. The second singles out the crucial factor of change in the decorative arts, be it temporal or spatial. Finally, the third concentrates on the meaning of the decorative arts in their social context.

  • Contents




    Part I

    Limits and Definitions                                                                    

    Five Myths

    The Boundaries

    Part II

    In the stream of time

    Historical continuity and rift

    Stability and Chance


    Part III





    Selected Plans of Mansions


    Map of Greece


    List of Photographic Credits

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