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Collector's edition | THE PARTHENON FRIEZE

Collector's edition | THE PARTHENON FRIEZE


Angelos Delivorrias

Professor, f. director of the Benaki Museum


Photographs: Socratis Mavrommatis

  • Specifications

    box: 110 prints 1:5,50x35 cm
    book: 192 pages

    120 duotone photographs

    hardback, 24x33 cm

  • Description

    The text accompanying Sokratis Mavrommatis' superb photographs proposes a new reading of the sculptural composition of the Parthenon frieze. A general introduction is followed by chapters dealing with: the planning, carving, and dating of the frieze; the effects of time and the ruthlessness of historical fate; the structural continuity and thematic coherence; the presentational organization; the structuring of narrative groups and the ordering of figures; problems of interpretation and research hypotheses; the frieze’s theme as dialectic culmination of the messages emitted by the decoration of the monument as a whole in relation to the worship of the goddess Athena in Athens; the content of the Pana-thenaic procession and the deeper significance of the offering of the peplos; technical issues and aesthetic approaches.

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