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Architect, archaeologist, professor NTUA

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    192 pages

    150 drawings

    hardback, 33x24.5 cm

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    After a long period of evolution, ancient odeons evolved into small roofed theatres, with characteristic semicircular shape and very high walls for the incorp oration of a perimeter with large openings for lighting. Herodion Theatre at the foot of the Acropolis in Athens is such an extreme case, with 6.000 seats, it was similar in size with the large ancient theaters (the upper five rows of marble seats are not included in the modern reconstruction). The book contains, in its second part, a series of observations on the building which indicate that the Herodion did indeed have a roof. It also contains its general design an evidence-based reconstruction of the roof, along with data on ancient large-scale construction. Finally, in its first part, the book includes an illustrated narrative of the study and execution of this most impressive work.

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