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Collector's edition | THE AEGEAN

Collector's edition | THE AEGEAN

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Odysseus Elytis

Poet, Nobel Prize Winner


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  • Details

    456 pages

    379 color and 191 black & white photographs, 23 drawing

    hardback with cardboard coverbox, 30x25 cm

  • Description

    The publication is available in 200 signed and numbered copies. It includes the book with a specially crafted cover in a handmade plexiglass box.

    The book consists of a collection of eleven essays that provide an assesment of the influence the Aegean world has exerted upon Greek art and civilization throughout the ages. Eleven authors, all leading experts in their fields of history, literature and art, highlight important aspects of the Aegean world in texts that combine up-to-date scholarship with a lively re-evaluation of philosophy, architecture, sculpture, painting, etc. The book's most engaging quality, however, is the manner in which it attempts to convey a vivid image of the Aegean Sea and the civilization that flourished on its islands.

    Illustrated throughout with unique, often full page aerial photographs and drawings, the volume brilliantly captures the essence of Greek civilization and constitutes a lively introduction to the history of the Aegean world. It also provides a comprehensive study and evaluation of its many aspects and succeeds in establishing it as a point of reference for Western culture.

  • Contents

    Odysseus Elytis

    Draft for an introduction to the Aegean World


    Nikos Svoronos

    A retrospective of Aegean history


    Manolis Andronicos

    The contribution of the Aegean islands to the artistic development of the ancient world


    Charalambos Bouras

    Byzantine architecture in the Aegean


    Myrtali Acheimastou-Potamianou

    Byzantine art in the Aegean


    Charalambos Bouras

    Architecture and town-planning in the traditional settlements of the Aegean 


    Anastasios Tzamtzis

    Shipping, a brief consideration through the ages


    Angelos Delivorrias

    Traditional art on the Aegean islands


    Lambros Liavas

    The early Aegean and its contribution to the development of Western Thought


    Yiorgos Yiatromanolakis

    The Aegean and Greek literature

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