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HIPPOS The Horse in Ancient Athens  |  ΙΠΠΟΣ Το άλογο στην αρχαία Αθήνα

HIPPOS The Horse in Ancient Athens | ΙΠΠΟΣ Το άλογο στην αρχαία Αθήνα

SKU: 9789609994569


  • Specifications | Προδιαγραφές

    288 σελίδες | pages

    117 έγχρωμες εικόνες I  llustrations

    21x28 cm


  • Description | Περιγραφή

    Hippos delves deeply into all aspects of ancient Athenian horsemanship, from the scientific analysis of a horse skeleton recently excavated at Phaleron to the roles of horses in Greek religion. Major discussion is devoted to hippotrophia, the training of equines, their competitive activities in horse racing, and their important role in the cavalry. This richly illustrated book consists of over 40 short essays on diverse topics such as the practices for naming of Athenian horses, their appearance on the city’s coinage, the make-up of a chariot, the advice of the Athenian calvary commander Xenophon, the cavalry inspection, and the possible appearance of horses on the Greek stage.


    This bilingual volume is the result of an exhibition held at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens in 2022. All of the objects in the exhibit are included, from small silver coins to large marble memorials for slain cavalry officers.  Many of the artifacts documenting the Athenian cavalry come from wells in the Athenian Agora. Horse racing was a passion of all Greeks, but only Athens had a hero (Hippothoon) suckled by a mare. This books makes clear that hippomania was rampant in ancient Athens, just as Aristophanes implied in his comedies.

  • Συγγραφέας | Authors

    Jenifer Neils and Shannon M. Dunn M. Whiting

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