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NISYROS, History and Architecture an Aegean Islands

NISYROS, History and Architecture an Aegean Islands

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Richard Economakis

Associate Professor and Graduate Studies Director for Architecture and Urbanism Studies Program, University of Notre Dame
Photographs: Cornelis de Vries

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    200 pages

    379 color and 191 black & white photographs, 23 drawings

    hardback, 28.5x24.5 cm

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    The island of Nisyros in the Dodecanese is known primarily to geologists and nature lovers for its spectacular volcano. Unknown to most are its remarkable living history, verdant countryside, and the architecture of its four beautiful ancient settlements, which have no other place in the Aegean to envy. Yet, the adverse living conditions on the island have been a blessing in disguise, for Nisyros stands before us beautiful and intact.

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    Description of the Island

    History of Nisyros

    Harnessing the earth: terraces, farm houses and footpaths 

    Towns of Nisyros

    The Nisyrian house

    Neoclassical Influences 

    Urban and architectural regeneration of Nisyros




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