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Greece through photographs

A book narrates the history of Greece through the use of unique photographs. It tries to convey a sense of the times through the visual recording of people, objects and events.

Landscapes in Greece

A book (greek/english) that aims to present select themes from the Greek mainland, covering a wide environmental spectrum, from the impressive mountainsides and the peaceful verdant valleys to picturesque bridges and rivers running through green plains.

Neoclassical architecture in Greece

19th century urban architecture in Greece developed in the shadow of its superb models, the monuments of classical Athens and the Parthenon. The outcome was a unique style of neoclassical architecture of exceptional quality.

Neoclassical towns

The model of neoclassical town in Greece in the 19th c. as a case of cultural modernity par excellence. The book examines three geographical regions (Central Greece and the Peloponnese, the islands, Thessaly and the ‘New Lands’).

Seascapes in Greece

A bilingual edition (greek and english) that presents a multifaceted selection of seaside themes through the individual perspective of selected photographers and artists.

The Parthenon and its impact in modern times

A collection of essays by expert scholars, whose shared subject is the Parthenon, though approached from different angles (architecture, archaeology, history of art)

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